Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chicks are Hatching!

Rendell Park was home to 7 hatching chicks!  Check out the saved videos on the Ustream website.(Search:  Rendell Park).  The chicks were a few days overdue, but very welcome.  Many students had a field trip to this classroom to check out the live action.  Congratulations to all the work done by Mrs. D. Miller, Farmer Al, and her grade 2 classroom!

Archived videos of Wed. hatching are posted on the Ustream site
Update:  Thursday April 21  12:00 pm
Newest Arrival!

Class watching the hatching on the SMARTBoard

Update: (5:50 pm Wed).  He/she is out!  After a great struggle for about an hour, the chick is out and resting comfortably.

1:45 pm Wed April 20, 2011
Update (1:45 pm Wed):  There are 4 eggs that are now showing in the live stream.  #3 is the furthest along on the left but the others are catching up.  One of the other eggs just started breaking out of the shell at 1:00 pm.  At 5:00 pm, quite a bit of progress has been made as a huge crack is opened up.  Shouldn't be too much longer!

Day old chicks in the classroom: