Tuesday, March 21, 2017

QR Stuff

QR Stuff

Excellent QR code creator.  
Paste URL or answers to questions in spot provided and generate a code in any colour you want.  Download the code to put on class documents.

1.  Direct students/parents easily to a designated website or to a YouTube video showcasing student work.
2.  Construct an assignment where the answers or help for the questions are hidden as a QR code.

Typing/Keyboarding Programs


  • Grades 4 and older
  • Free
  • Class accounts available to monitor progress
  • Games and typing tests

Dance Mat Typing  (BBC Bitesize)

  • Grades 2 -4
  • Free, no sign in required
  • 4 levels with 3 stages each (progress not saved)


  • Ages 9-15
  • Free
  • No sign in required, no class accounts (progress not saved)