Monday, April 30, 2012 Online, free, large file sharing

"Signup not required

Being forced to provide your email address and password just to use an online service is annoying. with pastelink, registering an account is strictly optional. Feel free to share files up to 250MB with your friends -- no annoying signups required.

Send large files

got a large file you want to send to someone? no problem. with pastelink, you can send files up to 250MB without even creating an account. Have a file larger than 250MB? sign up for an account with us and send files up to 2GB in size -- don't worry, it's still free.


There's no limit to how many files you can share with pastelink. each file is automatically stored for 7 days. Send movies to friends, documents to coworkers, it's free!"

Tag My Doc: Sharing Documents with QR Codes

TagMyDoc allows you to add a tag to any document in order to share it with others.  The documents are all kept in the cloud.  This is a free site but requires you to sign up with a username and password so that documents are stored indefinitely.  If you only use the guest access, documents are kept for 14 days. The maximum upload size is 5 MB per file.  File types that can be used are Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, OpenDocument and images.  A QR Reader is required to scan the QR codes which are often free.  There will be a TagMyDoc app coming soon to the iTunes store.

With a free account you have secure storage of 100 documents.  The choice of applying the tag to any corner of your document.  You will also have unlimited storage time and distribution of your document.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Free File Converter

Free File Converter
A common problem facing staff and students is finding a free and easy way to convert files into other formats without dealing with the hassle of creating accounts, providing personal information, and receiving the converted file through email which is often blocked.

Free File Convert is a simplified online conversion service that allows you to convert your files to most common formats in three easy steps.

Download link of converted file

Conversion Process

Caution: As many of these free services rely on advertising most will offer sponsorship links to very questionable websites. This one is by far the cleanest we have come across that offers this ease of conversion. Please use caution in promoting this product with your students until you are comfortable with all the sponsorship links as they may change over time.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Walking Together - FNMI Perspectives through LearnAlberta

Walking Together is a professional development resource for educators designed to help teachers understand the holistic nature of FNMI ways of knowing and understanding. It also provides opportunities for FMNI Peoples to share their viewpoint and to demonstrate FNMI perspectives in teaching and learning experiences using a large bank of audio and video clips.

Please be aware of the disclaimer before being allowed access: "This is a Professional Development Resource For Educators. The content in this resource has not been reviewed for student use"

The home page is broken up into 12 main areas
  1. Kinship
  2. Aboriginal and Treaty Rights
  3. Healing Historical Trauma
  4. FNMI Worldviews
  5. Oral Tradition
  6. Elders
  7. Symbolism and Traditions
  8. Connection to Lands
  9. Indigenous Pedagogy
  10. Culture and Language
  11. Well-Being
  12. Traditional Environmental Knowledge

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SHOW: A New Way to Look at the World

SHOW:  This is an amazing site that highlights global statistics using data and graphs.  It is very easy to use and the visual aspect of it is very powerful.

SHOW could really enhance your class material on history, and social issues such as the environment and health.

According to the website, "select a subject from the top menu and watch the countries on the map change their size.  Instead of land mass, the size of each country will represent the data for that subject - both its share of the total and absolute value."

There are 3 different sets of data, SHOW/World, SHOW/USA, and SHOW/Japan

Show/World Categories:

  • People:  Demographics, Causes of Death, Education, Health, Religion
Demographics for example, is further sub-divided into Population, Children, Aging Population, Urban Population, and Rural Population.

  • Planet:  Animal Resources, Crop Resources, Energy, Environment, Metals and Minerals, Natural Disasters
  • Business:  Economy, Global Brands, Industry, Technology, Transport
  • Politics:  Government, Law & Order, Migration, War & Conflict, Aid
  • Living:  Food & Dining, Travel, Sports, Medicine

 There are options given to download/embed a direct link, embed the animation, download this map as an image or download the data as an excel file.
The web site also suggests relevant books that can be purchased through various companies such as Amazon.

This map of the world shows countries that are resized by the countries' population relative to the world population.  Countries are ranked on the right hand side.  Clicking on those countries will indicate the actual population.

Online mp3 Recorder

Record mp3 is an easy to use, online recorder.  You can save these files and embed them into your lessons in programs such as PowerPoint and SMART Notebook.  By the way, the newest version of SMART Notebook is due out this spring and does feature an mp3 recorder to put audio directly into your lessons.  Until then, this is an easy program to use.  If you want a more powerful audio editor, Audacity is currently on our school division image.  You will still need to convert those .wav files to mp3.  If you require this, please contact your tech coach because an encoder needs to be added to your computer.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pics4Learning: Free Image Library


"Pics4Learning is a safe, free image library for education. Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos and images for classrooms, multimedia projects, web sites, videos, portfolios, or any other project in an educational setting.
The thousands of photos in this collection are approved for use in the classroom and indexed and sorted in order to maximize their effective use by students in a 21st century classroom.
While the photographers retain the rights to these photos, they have graciously allowed their use through this collection."
The web site makes it easy to search by topic and sub-topic.