Monday, September 24, 2012

Texting with your Class

Remind101 seems like a really nice option for communicating with your class and parents via SMS (text messaging). No need to share your cell # with students. Very simple web interface. Works in Canada.

Friday, September 7, 2012

YouTube without the Clutter

Great way to show YouTube videos in your classroom without all the distractions that surround the video (comments, suggestions, etc).

Copy/Paste the URL of the video you want to play (web address such as

Go to and paste the 'Create'

You'll have your video play in a clutter-free new window!

If that link is not working, another site to use is SafeShare.  It works in the same way as ViewPure.

Update: Desktop/Laptop Refresh

After a lengthy RFP process, LPSD has selected HP to provide the technology for our upcoming desktop and laptop refresh.  Here's the details:

-          Teachers will have 15.6in HP 4530s 6GB RAM + 2 Power Adapters
-          Desktops will be HP 6300 6GB RAM with 21.5in LED Display
-          Middle School/LCHS will have new 28 bay carts
-          ES Laird is pilot and will be installed October (awaiting delivery timeframe from vendor)
-          More detailed information on process for converting your school will be determined as part of the ES Laird pilot, but overall process will be similar to following:
o   Pre-Hardware Order Walk Through with School Admin + IT Dept to determine current computer quantity and assess required quantity
o   Order Hardware
o   Pre-Delivery Software Review of all custom software at each school to determine Windows7 compatibility and recourse if necessary
o   Review of Onsite Rollover Process whereby we’ll flip your school ‘live’ with low/none downtime for secretary staff
-          Information on refresh such as Image Software List and Project Updates will be made available right here on the LPSD Technology Blog once we get underway at ES Laird