Friday, September 7, 2012

Update: Desktop/Laptop Refresh

After a lengthy RFP process, LPSD has selected HP to provide the technology for our upcoming desktop and laptop refresh.  Here's the details:

-          Teachers will have 15.6in HP 4530s 6GB RAM + 2 Power Adapters
-          Desktops will be HP 6300 6GB RAM with 21.5in LED Display
-          Middle School/LCHS will have new 28 bay carts
-          ES Laird is pilot and will be installed October (awaiting delivery timeframe from vendor)
-          More detailed information on process for converting your school will be determined as part of the ES Laird pilot, but overall process will be similar to following:
o   Pre-Hardware Order Walk Through with School Admin + IT Dept to determine current computer quantity and assess required quantity
o   Order Hardware
o   Pre-Delivery Software Review of all custom software at each school to determine Windows7 compatibility and recourse if necessary
o   Review of Onsite Rollover Process whereby we’ll flip your school ‘live’ with low/none downtime for secretary staff
-          Information on refresh such as Image Software List and Project Updates will be made available right here on the LPSD Technology Blog once we get underway at ES Laird