Monday, April 30, 2012

Tag My Doc: Sharing Documents with QR Codes

TagMyDoc allows you to add a tag to any document in order to share it with others.  The documents are all kept in the cloud.  This is a free site but requires you to sign up with a username and password so that documents are stored indefinitely.  If you only use the guest access, documents are kept for 14 days. The maximum upload size is 5 MB per file.  File types that can be used are Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, OpenDocument and images.  A QR Reader is required to scan the QR codes which are often free.  There will be a TagMyDoc app coming soon to the iTunes store.

With a free account you have secure storage of 100 documents.  The choice of applying the tag to any corner of your document.  You will also have unlimited storage time and distribution of your document.