Monday, April 16, 2012

Walking Together - FNMI Perspectives through LearnAlberta

Walking Together is a professional development resource for educators designed to help teachers understand the holistic nature of FNMI ways of knowing and understanding. It also provides opportunities for FMNI Peoples to share their viewpoint and to demonstrate FNMI perspectives in teaching and learning experiences using a large bank of audio and video clips.

Please be aware of the disclaimer before being allowed access: "This is a Professional Development Resource For Educators. The content in this resource has not been reviewed for student use"

The home page is broken up into 12 main areas
  1. Kinship
  2. Aboriginal and Treaty Rights
  3. Healing Historical Trauma
  4. FNMI Worldviews
  5. Oral Tradition
  6. Elders
  7. Symbolism and Traditions
  8. Connection to Lands
  9. Indigenous Pedagogy
  10. Culture and Language
  11. Well-Being
  12. Traditional Environmental Knowledge