Saturday, April 16, 2011

TimeGlider: Construction of Timelines in History

This is web-based timeline software for creating and viewing history timelines as well as for project planning.  It requires a free sign up if you would like to create your own timelines.  This would be a useful presentation tool for teaching a historical sequence of events.  Students can also generate their own timelines which would incorporate research and writing skills.

Timeline events can contain text and pictures and you can change the size of the event to highlight its importance.  It is very easy to manipulate the timeline by using a slider (zoom in=less time shown, zoom out=more time shown).  Unfortunately, there are only a few examples given on the website: Wright Brothers, World War I, The CIA Leak Case and the History of Idaho (kind of random...go figure...).  Timelines you create are not public and are only shared between people by using a unique URL.
How it Works (overview)

TimeGliders New York Times Explorer: Search by keyword and/or author search from the New York Times in any time period between January 1, 1981 and the present.  Displayed will be the most relevant 200 articles.  Instructions are given next to the search box to provide the best keyword search possible.  For example, if searching for salmon farming, it would be best to use a number of keywords:  salmon+fish farming.  This way you would avoid articles referring to recipes involving salmon or restaurant reviews involving salmon entrees!