Friday, April 8, 2011

Scribblemaps Pro in the Classroom Scribble Maps is the quick and easy way to rapidly make and share maps!  Once you begin exploring this application, you will think of many ways you can incorporate it in your classroom.
It's a simple-to-use online map allowing you to draw shapes, place markers and text,  link to a graphic, and ‘scribble’ on them as well.  You are also able to create a custom widget that can be embedded in your website or blog.

Similar in style to Google Maps, you can zoom in and out showing the desired area you want to work with.  You have four view modes:  map, terrain, hybrid, and satellite.  Then, using the tools, you can map out (draw) a route, mark and identify locations.  With the shapes tools you can draw a circle or square around a specific area and even control the opacity of the shape. Students have been using this application to create presentations demonstrating relationships between geographical features, resources, land use, and industry.

Registration for ScribbleMaps is free.  Upgrading to ScribbleMaps Pro (also free) gives you account management, additional tools, and other features.

For a quick overview and tutorial of creating a map....
Scribblemap Pro Basic Tools Tutorial
Saving Scribblemap Youtube Tutorial

If you are needing information on topics like environment, the economy, history, resources, health, people and society a great resource for Canadian statistical data is the Atlas of Canada offered through the Learn Alberta Online Reference Center.