Thursday, April 14, 2011

Accessing ExploreLearning Gizmos through Learn Alberta

Gizmos is an online interactive simulation site that has been provided to our schools through Learn Alberta.
Learn Alberta

Using our division’s Learn Alberta account, staff and students can access Gizmos without needing to register or pay for anything extra. These are all free to use in your classroom.
In the search button to the left, type in Gizmo, the subject area, and grade levels.
For example:  Under the Resource Search, type in "gizmo", select "Science", then Grade 11 and 12 and get 125 gizmos!
If one types in "Gizmo Biology", you will get 37 gizmos. You can narrow the search to a more specific topic if desired.

Learn Alberta Home Screen
Interactive Photosynthesis Gizmo

Staff and students have an automatic login to this site anytime they are logged into the school division's network. You just need to use the "search" field on the left. If you want to access this site at home you will need to use the division's login and password. As we aren't able to post these on this public forum, please locate and record the info at the top right of the webpage anytime you access this site at school.