Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prezi: Take Presentations to a New Level

Prezi is a free, web-based program for students and teachers who are looking for a different way to present multimedia content.  While it is not likely that you would use this everytime, variety can be a welcome change to using Notebook, PowerPoint or Glogster.  Give your students many options to challenge their creativity.  Teachers and/or students (>13 years) can create accounts.  For younger grades, teachers may want to consider setting up an account that their students can use.  5 Reasons to Use Prezi

Prezi is also called the Zooming Presentation Editor.  It is a user-friendly web tool and requires a free account setup.  While the presentation is constructed on only one slide canvas, you can set the presentation pathway to showcase your points in a particular order.  You can add video, flash (flv/swf) animation, pictures and text. You can also import existing Powerpoint presentations into Prezi.   Instructional technology coaches can help you and your class become familiar with this tool.

On the website, there are many tutorial videos if you would like to learn this program on your own.  Learn Prezi