Monday, May 9, 2011

Saskatchewan Settlement Experience

Saskatchewan Settlement Experience Website

This website is produced by Saskatchewan Archives and the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, and is an excellent place to find primary documents, photos, and other information.

The website is easily navigated by years:  before 1870, then 10 year spans after that ending with 1920-1930.  There are also tabs that highlight information on the following topics:

  • Saskatchewan Today
  • The Landscape
  • Aboriginal Peoples
  • Steps to a Homestead
  • Settlement Patterns
  • Life on the Prairies
  • Agriculture
  • Labour and Economic Growth
  • Transportation and Commerce
  • Women
  • Education
  • Religion 
Within the website, you can search by community, photos, documents, maps, video files, audio files, and drawings.  There is information on topics that are relevant to our general geographical location such as the Northwest Rebellion (found under the 1880 - 1890 tab) and the Barr Colonists (found under Settlement Patterns tab).