Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Aviary Online Image/Audio Editor & Creator Suite

For those who are looking for an online alternative to Photoshop, Audacity, Garage Band, and Fruity Loops software there is now the Aviary Suite which offers the ability to create/edit images and audio files.

 Aviary Online Home

There are 7 main tools within the suite with excellent tutorials offered to your skill level.
Phoenix - Image Editor Home & Features Tutorial   
Peacock - Effects Editor Home & Features Tutorial
Toucan - Colour Editor Home & Features Tutorial
Raven - Vector Editor Home & Features Tutorial
Myna - Audio Editor Home & Features Tutorial
Roc - Music Creator Home & Features Tutorial
Falcon - Image Markup Home & Features Tutorial
There will also be a 3D image creator (Hummingbird) that has not been released yet

Aviary Educators Beta Home

Teachers can also request an Educator's Beta Account which will allow you to create and manage student accounts in a protected environment and be able to create shared projects. Much like GlogsterEdu, the teacher has full control of each student's account to monitor progress and assess their completed projects. As this new feature is a Beta you must first request this account. Please expect a 2-3 day waiting period before getting approval as there has been tremendous interest for these special accounts worldwide and they are quite overwhelmed with requests.