Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dicom Portable Word Completion App - A simple alternative to Read & Write Gold at home

Please note that this Portable App does not replace all the features of Read & Write Gold and has a limited wordbank that can be expanded by adding new words as they are typed in. It is a simple alternative that offers some assistance to students who struggle with spelling and word completion when they type. It would be most beneficial for students to use at home where they don't have accessibility to Read & Write Gold.

"Dicom Portable is a word completion program designed to make it easier to type words with fewer keystrokes in every app. It runs from the system tray and pops up word options after a configurable number of keystrokes. It can also be adapted with your own word selections for programming and other tasks."

"Dicom Portable allows you to complete words in fewer keystrokes making it a valuable tool for users with motor and coordination impairments. It includes English and French dictionaries of words and you can add your own words using the configuration icon in the system tray. After entering a few characters, a list of word options pops up with the ability to hit F1 to F10 to select the appropriate word. The app can also be used for your own dictionaries for programming and other subjects. The app will appear in French or English to match the PortableApps.com Platform. When used alone, you can switch languages by editing the Data\settings\DicomPortableSettings.ini file and setting Language= to English or French"

Download link:  Dicom Portable

The instructions are simple: Download the program and install the folder to a student's desktop or portable flash drive which allows it portability to be used outside the school environment. Contained in the folder is the "executable" file that is clicked on and will allow the program to run with applications that require student typing.