Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dealing with YouTube! ViewPure & Quietube

There are many programs that can help you manage YouTube clips in the classroom.  Are you annoyed with the inappropriate comments listed below the clips or perhaps the suggested videos that appear on the side of the page?  Although you can show the video in full screen mode to hide this content, there are still times during class when it appears.  Perhaps you want to give the video link to a student on a netbook to watch - this way you don't have to worry about exposing them to undesirable material. 

Try Viewpure to get rid of the content around the video clip.  There are two ways to accomplish this:
1.  Copy your YouTube clip URL and paste it into the box on the Viewpure site.
2.  When in YouTube, replace with .  Then erase watch?v= but leave the number/letter string

Original YouTube URL:
ViewPure URL:    

These new links can be added directly on to your Notebook, PowerPoint, and Word documents as a hyperlink instead of going through this process during class time.  It makes the lesson go a bit smoother and faster.

Other options within ViewPure: 
a) show with black background
b) return to original YouTube URL

As with ViewPure, Quietube works in a similar fashion.