Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SMART Notebook Express

If you were not aware, students and teachers can access SMART Notebook Express from anywhere.  It does not require an installation to any computer as it is web based.  You can view, save and interact with Notebook files.  Caution:  None of the lesson activity toolkit interactives will work with this version. 

Why would I use this?  The download takes a while to install but if you would like to share files with students for exam preparation or review, this can be an easy way to share with students.  They can edit the files, or create from scratch.

Attention LPSD teachers and students:  you can download SMART Notebook (full featured) onto your computer at home.  Please check with your technology coach for the product key. This program is free.  You can also get the product key for SMART Response (create formative and summative test items to be used with the 'clickers').